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  • Welcome to Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co., Ltd.
    Service hotline:+86-571-83867633  82726511
    About Us
    Company profile

    Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co., Ltd. is a grouping stock company, our business includes research, production and trade. Through cooperating with Zhejiang University and having a national-famous technical development team, we now have a group of experienced developing technicians and excellent production ability.

    Through taking the advantages of technical innovation and geographical position, keeping inviting the high quality persons and establishing an efficient sales team, we now have got the customers’ trusts and appreciations. We got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 in 2004,and this system forms a solid foundation for improving our technical force and integrated strength. At present, we mainly produce choline chloride, Betaine Dhydrochloride, ihydropyridines, and so on, with the annual outputs of 20,000 tons of choline chloride, 5,000 tons of Betaine hydrochloride and 1,000 tons of Dihydropyridines. Now they are well sold in the world and highly appraised by our customers. At present, we invest RMB 10 million in expanding our workshops and equipment; meanwhile, through developing Decoquinate ,the national-leading hi-tech product, we have ended the phase that all the Decoquinate products in China are depended on importing and brought good welfares to all the domestic culturists.

    We herein thank you for all the people who supported our business and cooperated with us in the past ten years. The foundation stone for our cooperation is our "3-Pin pattern" (To produceproduce with high quality, to be a company with good brand , to bring up the workers with good personality). Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co., Ltd looks forward to cooperating with friends and companies all over the world for mutual development and the bright future.