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  • Welcome to Healthy (Hangzhou) Husbandry Sci-tech Co., Ltd.
    Service hotline:+86-571-83867633  82726511
    About Us

    HONESTY: Our development is on the basis of honesty, we treat our customers with honest and sincere business. We concern the business credit and abide by business promises. Honesty is one part of our culture;It is helpful to improve our reputation.

    INNOVATION: Innovation is the power of our business. Through adopting and digesting the international method and technology, we have the good ability to innovate , produce high quality products, and provide a platform for the technical communication and R&D of the industry. We want to share these resources with copartner for mutual development and we can work together for the development of Chinese animal husbandry.

    QUALITY: Quality is our life. Our quality idea is "High standard, strict requirement, excellent brand". Following this idea, we establish QC centre and work hard to build up quality brand and create a good quality surrounding and spirit in our company, and the quality idea of our staffs is improved greatly. Through establishing a full-procedure-controlled QC system, we aim to meet customers' demands for quality products as possible as we can. Through carrying out the strategy of quality brand, we aim to get respect and development by good reputation and excellent quality.

    SERVICE: Service is the core of our company. Upholding such tenet of "Be honest and practical, Customer first", we are working for meeting every coustomer' requirements. From these two fields of technology and sales, we try to melt the service ideas in the staffs' activities . There is no best service; we are working for your satisfactions.

    ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION: Environment protection is very essential for a company to survive and get development. Through innovating in equipments, methods and environment protecting device, we now have the better ability to prevent the pollution and lower the effects on the environment.Through regularizing the work ,establishing environment protection the system,strengthening the internal management and teaching the staffs the knowledge about the environment protection, we now have become a safe, environment-friendly and high efficient modern enterprise.